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Songs, songs, Songs!

2007-11-26 06:02:07 by Brunzolaitis

A big thanks to all who enjoy my music! I'm trying to post new songs everyday, stay tuned.
If there are any comments, advices or even wishes what song I should remix next, feel free to let me know!
That's all for now, I think...



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2007-12-17 15:20:30

yeah they're all great. I especially love dedede boss batle music


2008-02-05 17:13:06

Enjoy your music, Especially the Major Tom remix you made. Left a note about that song in its respective reviews section. Still, I was wondering if you had ever thought about redoing the song 99 Luft Balloons, also known as 99 red balloons for the english version? I think that you could do pretty good there. Also, PM me when ever you want an honest review of some of your work. For someone that can do as well as you, I figure I can fit a review or two for you into my schedule.

Enjoying your music and hoping to hear more soon.

--Adrian Calhoun


2008-04-09 13:53:08

You are a god.


2008-09-17 17:42:54

How come when I came here a few months ago,you were 22 and live in Austria,now you're a female who lives in Puerto Rico?

Brunzolaitis responds:

i dunno


2008-10-21 05:44:23

Where i can find: somewhere around?

Do you know abuot flowers´n herbz?
THE Song are heard in platform racing 2 welldone!
do you play PR2?

Brunzolaitis responds:

Somewhere around is any place you like it to be....
And no, I don't play Platform Racing 2, never heard of it.


2009-05-19 06:46:04

could you please put all songs from platform racing 2 including main menu theme song.thanks

(love ur songs)


2017-03-04 11:32:26

Where are your songs? The last one you uploaded was back in 2008, did something happen?